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Welcome to a new world of fantasy and magic learning, welcome to Rody world !

In Rody you will live with us an experience of imaginative learning. Imagine that you live in a magic world like Harry Potter world where school hallways have interactive vivid pictures. Now imagine that you as a teacher has the ability to set up an interactive virtual worlds which are vivid, full of information and specific details about its content. It will be fun if it is achieved on reality as many students will change their look to education and make them want to study with passion and pleasure. But do you know that this method is no longer science fiction but available in reality ? With Rody we aim to change process of education to a joyful experience through the use of Augmented Reality technology "AR" and educational cards. This application allows your kids to learn in a new and exciting way.

More About Rody
Our Vision & Mission

introducing modern tool

utilising augmented reality

replacing traditional methods

converting content to reality

increasing intake capacity

raising learning curve

enjoying learning process

What is the Augmented Reality ? and how we can use it in smart learning ?

Augmented Reality is one of the new terms that recently appeared. It manipulates the real scene which the user see through the phone camera or computer camera by mixing graphical models , photos or sounds to what you see in reality to create a fantasy world. It is a virtual world designed from a real environment to access it through smart devices. It presents a combination between a real scene and a virtual or augmented scene which is set up by software to support the real scene with extra information. Its target is to use the Augmented Reality to improve the sensual realization of the child, through watching a virtual world and interacting with it. It is a system where you cannot realize the difference between what change happened after using this technique and real world. When you use this technique and watch the environment around you using your camera, these models in that environment will be attached with information to complete the image inside the device. Nowadays we use the Augmented Reality technology in entertainment field, military training, geometric design, robotics, manufacturing and other industries. Today when educational institutions introduce the Augmented Reality technique it will be a great jump that will make it a new fundamental learning method.

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