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About Rody
Rody game is an interactive game that targets children between 3 to 7 years old to teach them many educational basics like letters, colors and animals. It visualizes the information and knowledge for the kid making learning process easy and fun. It uses Augmented Reality technology to make the child feel the reality of things through looking at them with his eyes so the child can interact, move and even talk with it. Rody game introduces a smart phone application with bright colored-cards. The child can direct the application camera toward the cards to interact immediately and many of the graphical models will appear in a three dimensional view with sounds and colors which helps him in his learning process. Through learning with Augmented Reality, the amount of information the kid can understand will be much higher than traditional education.

Why should you buy Rody ?

There is no doubt that all parents desire their children to be the most clever and talented not only among their friends but among the whole world. Our duty as fathers and mothers to support them with all the method & means of development and feel pride. But many children face difficulties understanding a lot of information introduced to them through the current educational institutions, specially if they depend on the traditional methods to teach them. Rody is just a tool that we can use it to make children love learning and educate themselves very well in a funny way, and our duty is to make them educated and happy at the same time.

Instructions to use Rody

App installation
download Rody Application from any online stores according to your smart phone type. currently the app is available for android and ios devices.
Package purchase
after the buying the card package you will find an activation key included. use this key to activate the installed the app on your phone.
Grant permissions
the app will request granting permissions for using your camera. you must grant access to your camera to use it.
Enjoy learning
direct your phone camera toward any cards and the content will materialize. interact & use the screen buttons to watch & learn.

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